– East Bay

TestPrecision recently came out of private beta and launched its TestPrecision ACT/SAT app to the world. TestPrecision ACT/SAT provides the closest thing to one-on-one tutoring while remaining extremely affordable to high school students preparing for either the ACT or SAT. TestPrecision offers a unique two-step diagnostic and adaptive approach never before combined in one test prep platform. First, TestPrecision employs its Rapid Diagnostic Comparative Testing (RADIACT™) technology and an exclusive Psychometric Test to determine which of the ACT or SAT best matches a student’s strengths. Next, TestPrecision personalizes and customizes practice questions based on student performance. This proprietary adaptive learning technology makes it simple for the student to focus on and overcome any weaknesses or concepts that require special attention. Altogether, TestPrecision provides the most powerful test prep solution at its price point.


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