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You are amazing!

Now you need to prove it to the college of your dreams by acing the SAT or ACT.
Test-Precision® combines the most advanced technology and testing science to help you:

  • Discover your strengths
  • Decide which exam — ACT or SAT — is right for you
  • Prepare for one, or both, exams with a personalized curriculum
  • Maximize your test-day results


Admission tests have existed since the inception of formal education, yet assessment and training techniques have evolved very little Until now!.

Assess: Test Precision provides the student first with an overview of the ACT/SAT format and question types and later with an evaluation test to determine strengths, weaknesses and personality traits.

Recommend: SAT or ACT? Our data-driven diagnostic recommends the College Admission Test the student has the highest probability of acing based on his/her existing skills and knowledge. Students can still choose to train for both if they choose to do so.

Evaluate: Test precision will present the student with mini SAT or ACT tests that are specifically aimed at assessing their knowledge, speed, precision, confident and several other parameters.

Personalize a study plan: Based on the results of the evaluation, our solution will determine the areas of biggest potential improvement and present a personalized plan to the student. The online step-by-step plan is easy to understand and follow, and will adapt based on the speed of learning of the student

Practice and study: Students will study by practicing with a very large and varied repository of questions that helps avoid repeated questions. In addition, a large library of Hints – during tests – or concept review options including texts and videos is presented to the student based on its performance

Call for reinforcements: In the case the student still struggles with a concept or a topic, Test Precision can recommend a list of the most suited and best ratted tutors in the area.

Take the Test! Students can take as many practice tests they desire to feel 100% ready for the real test.

What’s in it …

Geometry, trigonometry, writing skills … What should you focus on?
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