Test Precision Labs Releases App That Assists in Taking Tests


Test Precision Labs has come out of private beta and launched its Test Precision app to the world. Test Precision 1.3 provides the closest thing to one-on-one tutoring while remaining extremely affordable to high school students preparing for either the ACT and SAT. Test Precision offers a unique two-step diagnostic and adaptive approach never before combined in one test prep platform. First, Test Precision employs its Rapid Diagnostic Comparative Testing (RADIACT™) technology and an exclusive Psychometric Test to determine if the ACT or SAT best matches a student’s strengths. Next, Test Precision personalizes and customizes practice questions based on student performance. This proprietary adaptive learning technology makes it simple for the student to focus on and overcome any weaknesses or concepts that require special attention. All together, Test Precision provides the most powerful test prep solution at its price point.
“The idea for Test Precision was born from my own efforts helping my daughter prepare for her college entrance exams,” stated Milind Joshi, President and CEO of Bell Curve Labs. “Before Test Precision, there simply was no substitute for costly one-on-one tutoring. We are very pleased to solve multiple pain points for students in one system; determining which test to take and pin pointing individual student needs, all at a fraction of the cost of anything comparable.”
Being able to access Test Precision on the way to school or in between activities is a major advantage versus physically scheduling and attending a test prep weekend class or hiring a one-on-one tutor. Test Precision also lessens the anxiety associated with cramming for the SAT or ACT by providing an ‘access anytime’ app so the student can chip away at their preparation over time.
Bell Curve Labs was founded in November of 2013. Visit www.testprecision.com or call (925) 234-9108 for more information.
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